Will using AI get you Sued?

How AI Can Improve Fair Housing Compliance

Responding to Difficult Inquiries

Property managers often face sensitive questions from prospective tenants, such as:

  • Do you accept Section 8/housing vouchers?
  • Do you accept ESA/service animals?
  • Is the property disability-friendly?
  • Is the property family-friendly and/or baby-friendly?
  • What is the policy on smoking or drug use?
  • What are your tenant requirements (income, credit, etc)?

    Handling these inquiries correctly is crucial for compliance with Fair Housing Laws (FHL). Many property management companies handle these questions differently (or sadly not at all), which can lead to inconsistencies, legal issues, and an unfair tenant experience. Even though we’ve heard lots of skepticism regarding AI’s ability to handle real-world applications, this is where we believe AI can make a positive impact. Here’s how we’ve designed our AI Leasing Assistant, Purple, to handle sensitive tenant inquiries:

Handling Sensitive Questions Fairly and Consistently

  1. Consistent Answers: Purple provides consistent, timely responses every time, ensuring equal treatment for all prospective tenants.
  2. Uniform Process for All Tenants: Every prospective tenant goes through the same screening process, eliminating the risk of biased treatment.
  3. Language Inclusivity: Purple can respond in multiple languages, making it anti-discriminatory and more accessible to a diverse tenant base.
  4. Up-to-date Compliance: Purple stays current with state-specific Fair Housing Laws, ensuring all responses are legally compliant. Unlike humans, who need to memorize and stay updated on these laws, AI can be programmed to reference and adhere to the latest regulations.
  5. Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) for Niche Situations: For unique or particularly sensitive cases, Purple will flag the inquiry for human review, ensuring nuanced situations are handled with care and attention.

At HeyPurple, we are committed to using AI to create better experiences for both property managers and tenants. If you're interested in setting up your own AI leasing assistant, feel free to email us at founders@purplepill.ai, or book a time to speak with us on our website!