Maximizing Your Rental Listings

Insights from Over 10,000 AI-Driven Conversations

Creating the Perfect Listing

As a property management company (PMC), creating comprehensive rental listings is crucial for handling leads. At HeyPurple, we've built an AI leasing assistant that has facilitated over 10,000 unique conversations with renters across the country, including the Bay Area, Washington, Arizona, and New England. By analyzing these interactions, we've identified key information tenants frequently seek.

    Here are 10 property features we recommend including in your listings to answer prospective tenant questions efficiently while keeping the post concise. (Note: SFR-focused)

The Essentials: (Must-haves at the top of your listings)

  1. High-quality photos: Pictures answer so many potential questions with minimal additional effort. (Bonus points for adding a video—more on this in a later blog post)
  2. Availability Date: You may get asked if you are flexible on move-in date, as lots of renters seek leases far in advance (potentially months out)
  3. Renter Costs: Be sure to include the monthly rent, security deposit, move-in fees, utilities, & the application fee (often the first question asked if not provided)
  4. Application Process + Lease Terms: Lease duration, tenant requirements, required documents, co-signer policy, subletting policy, etc (these may be asked during/after a tour)

Frequently Asked: (Appear almost every inquiry)

  1. Laundry Facilities: In-unit, shared, coin-operated, none, etc (a big make-or-break for lots of renters)
  2. Parking: Garage, street parking, permit required, paid, none, etc
  3. Pet policy: Pet owners look for this first. Be careful not to violate Fair Housing Laws when answering about ESA/service animals! (more on this in a later post)

Less Frequent but Still Helpful: (Tying up loose ends)

  1. Housing Vouchers: Depending on the unit, you may receive questions regarding Section 8/housing vouchers. Be sure to answer consistently to comply with Fair Housing Laws!
  2. Storage: In-unit, outside, shared, extra, etc
  3. Neighborhood Information: Not too common, but you may get asked about nearby public transportation options/highway access, local amenities, and neighborhood safety

By incorporating these elements into your listings, you can significantly improve the tenant experience and save time by not having to answer repetitive questions. For more tips and insights on the leasing process, stay tuned to our blog, email us at, or book a time to speak with us on our website!